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CWF® 50AF Anti-Fog Polypropylene

The anti-fog BOPP film keeps the moisture on the inside as a film of water, therefore providing a transparent film. Ideal for frozen food packaging or fast foods warmed by...

CWF® 7000 Acetate

Cast cellulose film that has excellent clarity and high scratch resistance. Due to high breathability, moisture and gases pass through the film easily.

CWF® 4000 Polyester

A strong film that is very puncture resistant. Machines exceptionally well. High heat resistance.

Bicor™ 220 AB

Two-side acrylic coated polypropylene that complies with FDA requirements for food contact. Acrylic coating minimizes dust accumulation on the window, offering excellent clarity and high gloss appearance in pasta and...

CWF® 5000 Polypropylene

High yield – low cost. Good moisture vapor barrier. Non-breathing. Excellent flex crack and resistance to grease and oils....

CWF® 1000 Clear Polystyrene

A crystal clear, biaxially oriented polystyrene that is dimensionally stable, contains no plasticizers, will not absorb moisture and allows water vapor and gases to pass through easily.
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